What's it all about?

It is 1952 and Leonard Vole stands accused of murder. Only his wife can prove his innocence but when she takes the stand will she confirm his alibi? A guilty verdict would lead to the death penalty. With his fate hanging in the balance what will the outcome be? This is a gripping court room spectacle not to be missed. What say you? Guilty or not guilty?

We bring our production to Stantonbury Theatre by kind permission of Samuel French.

Agatha Christie first wrote the story in 1933 and when she adapted as a play it was performed in 1953 at The Winter Garden, London. It has been keeping audiences on the edge of their seats with its twists and turns ever since. Do you want to be considered for our next production? You can register your interest here now.

Cast List

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Sir Wilfred Robarts QC   

Mr Myers QC 

Leonard Vole

Romaine Vole 

Mr Mayhew


Janet McKenzie 


Dr Wyatt 

Mr Clegg 

Inspector Hearne

Clerk of the Court

Court Stenographer 


Other Woman