Current Production.

Warts and All!

11th March

I got chills, they’re multiplying…anyone would have after tonight’s rehearsal- what an amazingly strong ensemble cast!  There are some chilling and emotional moments in Witness for the Prosecution so a rehearsal leaves me feeling shaken and stirred - and I know the plot.

This is going to be such fun for an audience new to this work as it certainly has the power to surprise.

It is fun watching people work with five pound notes the size of hankies too…

Tickets are selling well and we begin our publicity drive on Monday after a visit to sort our 1950s costumes.

28th February

Staging a play is a bit like wrestling an octopus - several tentacles to be tackled at once. This week we’ve been exploring costumes - the delights of trilby hats from the 1950s and the discovery that men of today have bigger heads!

Wardrobe Wendy is disappointed not to have met newcomer Craig who is to play a plain clothed police inspector.  News that he is at least 6ft 4ins is a challenge for costume and she can’t wait to see what she can come up with for him to look the part.

We had our first scenes rehearsed with lines learnt - everyone 80% there and a good opening to the production.  Meanwhile there’s correspondence with Crown Court at Aylesbury to finesse some finer points of the law, the printing of the first of our posters and leaflets to promote the show and material written for the programme.  Checked on ticket sales which are going well but the Friday evening performance is romping away with sales.

18th February

Court room procedure under the microscope tonight as our prosecution team got to grips with the evidence.  Clerk of the court runs through the oath with the witnesses and then we hear testimony. Who doesn’t love the cut and thrust of the court room - surely one of life’s natural theatres?

15th February

Convivial and yet business-like production meeting at which we discussed the merits of rubber, wood and metal; tea cups; blotting pads; the height of a witness box and newspapers of 1952.

Buoyed by a group booking for the Friday performance we’ve got matchboxes, fob watches and gloves on our minds as part of pinning down authenticity.  Defence team rehearsal tomorrow!

6th February

Lovely rehearsal tonight!

26th January

Rehearsals just begun! Here are some pictures taken at the first read-through. Everyone seems to be concentrating! Good omen for the future!

19th January

Witness for the Prosecution is currently in rehearsal with a large cast of 11 men and five women, nearly all of whom contested the roles at auditions we held in mid January.