Barny Daly has been involved in theatre since primary school but the only time you will see him on stage is to shift scenery.

He has contributed to many productions in a variety of backstage roles including stage management, lighting, sound and special effects. Some of the more interesting stage directions he has brought to life include “a six-foot tower of flame leaps out of the stage” in Max Fisch’s The Fire Raisers and “the dragon’s head lands at the hero’s feet” from Yevgeny Schwartz’s The Dragon.

In the 1990’s Barny was Technical Director of the Harrow Arts Council and worked with stars of variety including Hinge & Brackett, Max Bygraves, Rick Wakeman, Danny LaRue and Milton Keynes favourites Cleo Lane and John Dankworth.

“Earnest” is Barny’s second appearance at The Arches where the challenges of working with no permanent lighting, sound system or even power are quickly forgotten as the audience settles in to another fantastic show.