Workshops for Actors

etc has run many workshops for actors aimed at developing and honing acting skills. 

We have run masterclasses in scenes and monologues, as well as voice projection, and Shakespeare text. Workshops are sometimes restricted to cast involved in our productions.

Our most recent workshop was focussed upon American Accent, and conducted by guest tutor Pamela Kay.

Last workshop

Standard & Southern American.
Course Content

How the jaw and mouth need to be positioned.  Where the sound comes from.

Stress Patterns
Where the stress is placed in words.

Intonation and musicality, which gives each accent the characteristic sounds associated with them.

Key Sounds
The sounds that everyone recognises as being typical of each accent.

Through sentences, improvisation and text-based work, to consolidate the accents.

Accent Breakdowns for both, provided.

Guest tutor

To learn more about this workshop's guest tutor, please visit her site at

Next Course

We will announce future workshops soon.