CAST Auditions

Auditions were held on April 3rd 2022 at Wavendon Gate Pavilion. 

Thank you to those who came along.

Cast announcement will be made in due course. 


If you are interested in a production role: please complete form below to register interest; our director will makecontact directly.

Character Descriptions

John Worthing. J.P. (known as Jack) 
A gentleman of good standing and significant responsibility who contrives to evade social commitments in order to escape and woo, albeit ineffectively, Gwendolen. 

Algernon Moncrieff 
A socialite and gentleman of limited subsistence who has little enthusiasm for work or personal affairs until he meets Cecily and falls in love.

Lady Bracknell 
A Lady and woman of considerable means and many marriages. A bastion of social correctness with an astute mind for social advancement.

(The Honourable) Gwendolen Fairfax 
A young woman schooled in social etiquette and sufficiently strong in character to achieve what she wants. I woman with a sharp mind and hidden passion.

Cecily Cardew 
A young, beautiful and delicate woman. newly introduced into society under the charge of her uncle John Worthing. Her more than sufficient understanding of men is surpassed by her awareness of the effect her beauty has on them.

Reverend Canon Chausuble, D.D 
A devout Christian and intellectual, with a passion for divinity and the power of the word. A consummate actor on a pulpit stage with a blindness for his own well being and a likeliness for perpetual solitude

Miss Prism, Governess 
A woman of years who, through devotion to her duty and her charges, now finds herself with diminishing opportunities to secure a married conclusion to her life. 

Lane, a Manservant 
Of advanced years, having served the master and now his son. A servile champion of a larger house now managing a city flat and a gentleman of fewer graces. Each act of service becomes harder with dwindling motivation and physical decline.

Merriman, a Butler 
A dedicated man in his mid life, well placed in his position and proud of his achievements. He is deft and dexterous, quietly anticipating and always attentive.

Production roles

The Production Manager
The araldite that keeps the show on track. The ear to every directorial utterance, the audience to every actor’s move, the bountiful source for the costumier’s wish, the lister of lists and the announcer of needs and what will be. The auditor of time and place. Definitely the one you buy chocolates for.

Stage Manager 
The hands, the constructor, the mindful genie, the ‘go-for’, the reminder for all forgetfulness, the restorer of all misplacements, the lubricant under every resounding performance and the one you wish you could take home after the performances are done. More chocolates needed here, too.

The Costumier 
The creator of that which bewitches the eye. The interpreter of raggedy concepts and the creator of splendour and gasp. The costumier has a facility for transforming remnants into finery, junk into jewellery and hosiery into hats. 

A sourcer of objects that tell the tale, give actors expression and dress the stage. The fudger of items that lived in the past and the creator of things that we, one day, my own. 

The Carpenter 
With chisel and saw, hammer and drill, with spanner and brush the Carpenter builds the set. Turning a pencilled concept into a working stage.

Production Interest