Jefferson Steele  - script

A fading Hollywood star who is arrogant, insecure, brash, gauche, demanding, vulnerable and ultimately aware of his own absurdity.

Dorothy Nettle    - script

Director of the Stratford Players and the moving force behind keeping the theatre alive.   Her sweet and accommodating manner conceals her inner steel.

Jessica Steel    - script

Jefferson’s teenage daughter, who has been neglected by her Hollywood star father and now wants to make him pay for it.

Nigel Dewbury   - script

Solicitor and leading light of the Stratford Players.   Pompous, stuck-up and self-regarding, he belives he is the star of the show, and should play all the leading roles.  He also fancies his romantic chances with Dorothy.

Mary Plunkett     - script

Owner of the Rectory bed and breakfast.  Jolly, generous and an unashamedly adoring Jefferson Steel fan – although somewhat confused about which roles he played in his films, and how keen he is on her.

Denis Dobbins    - script

Handyman and village Mr Fixit.  Avuncular though slighly dull.  Denis is star-struck by Jefferson and fancies heading up his intourage of one.

Lauren Bell     - script

Thirty-something marketing executive former physiotherapist and the sponsor’s wife.  Passionate about the arts and smarter than her husband allows her to be, she’s treated as a bimbo because of her looks.

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