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The Importance of Being Earnest

the Importance of being earnest 
by Oscar Wilde

Our summer steampunk production invites you to bring your own picnic chairs and settle back for an hilarious two hours of wit and confusions from the pen of Oscar Wilde.

Some questions about the show

Recently Steve Brigden, director of upcoming The Importance of Being Earnest, took time to answer a few questions about the production, location, and plot. 

You can see his responses below:

28-30th July2022

The Arches Theatre, Clifton Reynes

Personification of absolute perfection.

Two young gentleman put excitement into their lives by bending the truth.

Moncrieff frequently attends his sick and fictitious friend, Bunbury, to avoid dull invitations. Worthing has invented a brother, Ernest, who he embodies to escape the dull country life and visit Gwendolyn.

When Moncrieff adopts the name of Ernest, to visit Worthing's young and beautiful ward, Cecily, in the country, arrangements go awry and deceptions are discovered.




18/06/22 - See us at Olney River Fest

17/06/22 - Tasty offer for Saturday Matinee

16/06/22 - Meet Lane

13/06/22 - Announcing: "Dining with Death"

09/06/22 - Meet Merriman

06/06/22 - Q&A about show

02/06/22 - Rehearsals at Arches

30/05/22 - Lighting & Sound I
30/05/22 - Lighting & Sound II